Travel insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance It’s a good tool to keep you healthy against what’s happening when traveling for a traveler, which can reduce the cost of travel and travel stress. Most of us have a busy life that needs to balance our lives and our work.

Traveling is one of the factors to choose for leisure. During the journey, the passenger expects that he will not be financially worried if he or she faces a sudden incident when resting. So when traveling to one of the foreign countries should be Travel insurance It is used to provide the passenger with the necessary assistance.

Travel Insurance is a way to prevent possible incidents

Travel Insurance Which serves as a tour service against costs when treating a patient’s illness or sudden incident.

In the absence of travel insurance, the passenger will be required to compensate for the cost of a partial treatment or a small surgery, which in turn can cost a lot to passengers. therefore Up to date For the welfare of the passengers and their satisfaction, all travelers in all tours, For free travel insurance Has set.

How to get Travel Insurance Damage

Travel Insurance Persons who intend to travel abroad and whose validity is valid only abroad, and all travel insurance services are guaranteed and provided by the international network in accordance with the contract between them in accordance with the general conditions.

The passenger can also pay damages in accordance with the relevant tables after arriving in Iran by sending the necessary documents (insurance policy, copy of the first page of the identity card, copy of the passport from the page on entry and exit to the country on that trip, the original documents To the costs and damages form provided by the company) for up to 30 days.

Some Travel Insurance Services

Hospital and medical treatment hospital fees.

Transfer the insured to the nearest medical center for an accident or illness

Pay for dental emergency

Send Essential Drugs

Payback Guarantee

Cash Transfers

and …

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